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VZnet supports OExchange and OpenGraph Specification

On October 11th, we launched together with a complete overhaul of our sharing functionality (Zeigen) support for the OExchange specification. OExchange makes it possible to share any URL-based content with any service on the web. It defines:

  • A common way for services to receive content, removing any and all service-specific integration requirements
  • A discovery feature so services can publish themselves and their endpoints, making it possible to integrate with services you didn’t even know about at development time
  • A decentralized, user-centric model for saving preferred services, making sharing more personal

Shared pages can be posted by the user into his feed or sent as a private message. Since yesterday you can now also not only add a title and description for the page you are sharing, but also a thumbnail which will be integrated into your feed post or message. This is possible by either adding this meta information as a OExchange query parameter to the VZ sharing endpoint or by implementing OpenGraph Meta Tags into your site.

You can find more detailed information in our developer wiki at http://developer.studivz.net/wiki/index.php/Bookmarking. Or you can have a look at http://www.oexchange.org/ where you can find the complete specification as well as some tools that help you with testing OExchange endpoints as well as your implementation.

To make the implementation as easy as possible we are also now providing a simple and lightweight JavaScript library, which you can include into your site. You will finde more information about this library and further code examples at http://developer.studivz.net/wiki/index.php/JS-Library.