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VZ-Networks @ Qcon London 2010

This year the fourth annual Qcon London conference takes place from March 10th to March 12th. VZ-Networks participates with the following presentation:


Social networks and the Richness of Data: Getting distributed webservices done with Nosql

Social networks by their nature deal with large amounts of user-generated data that must be processed and presented in a time sensitive manner. Much more write intensive than previous generations of websites, social networks have been on the leading edge of non-relational persistence technology adoption. This talk presents how Germany’s leading social networks schuelerVZ, studiVZ and meinVZ are incorporating Redis and Project Voldemort into their platform to run features like activity streams.
Jodok Batlogg, Fabrizio Schmidt

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N✮SQL Berlin Roundup

Key-value-stores and other non-relational databases are a hot topic right now, as it increasingly turns out that the traditional (= relational) approach is difficult to scale horizontally. In other words, it may be time — as Bob Ippolito put it — to “Drop ACID and think about data”.

If you couldn’t make it to the first “NoSQL Meetup Berlin” which recently took place at newthinking store — all the talks have been recorded and are on vimeo now:

Heise has a good summary (in german).

Here at StudiVZ we are following this topic very closely and are actively investigating some of the alternatives. At the moment, Cassandra looks very promising to us.

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