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Third December Hadoop Get Together video online

VZnet Netzwerke Ltd. is proud sponsor of the Hadoop Get Together which takes place in Berlin on a regular basis.
In the following video taken at the last Hadoop Get Together in Berlin Jörg Möllenkamp explains why Hadoop is interesting for Sun – and why Sun Hardware might be a good fit for Hadoop applications:

Hadoop Nikolaus Pohle from Isabel Drost on Vimeo.

Hadoop Richard Hutton from Isabel Drost on Vimeo.

Hadoop Jörg Möllenkamp from Isabel Drost on Vimeo.

In a blog post published after the event, Jörg gives more details on his idea of Parasitic Hadoop he introduced at the meetup.

Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin

We would like to announce the December-2009 Hadoop Get Together in newthinking store Berlin.

When: 16. December 2009 at 5:00pm
Where: newthinking store, Tucholskystr. 48, Berlin, Germany

As always there will be slots of 20min each for talks on your Hadoop topic. After each talk there will be a lot time to discuss. You can order drinks directly at the bar in the newthinking store. If you like, you can order pizza. We will go to Cafe Aufsturz after the event for some beer and something to eat.

Talks scheduled so far:

Richard Hutton (nugg.ad): “Moving from five days to one hour.” – This talk explains how we made data processing scalable at nugg.ad. The company’s core business is online advertisement targeting. Our servers receive 10,000 requests per second resulting in data of 100GB per day.

As the classical data warehouse solution reached its limit, we moved to a framework built on top of Hadoop to make analytics speedy, data mining detailed and all of our lives easier. We will give an overview of our solution involving file system structures, scheduling, messaging and programming languages from the future.

Jörg Möllenkamp (Sun): “Hadoop on Sun”
Abstract: Hadoop is a well known technology inside of Sun. This talk want to show some interesting use cases of Hadoop in conjunction with Sun technologies. The first show case wants to demonstrate how Hadoop can used to load massive multicore system with up to 256 threads in a single system to the max. The second use case shows how several mechanisms integrated in Solaris can ease the deployment and operation of Hadoop even in non-dedicated environments. The last usecase will show the combination of the Sun Grid Engine and Hadoop. Talk may contain command-line demonstrations ;).

Nikolaus Pohle (nurago): “M/R for MR – Online Market Research powered by Apache Hadoop. Enable consultants to analyze online behavior for audience segmentation, advertising effects and usage patterns.”

We would like to invite you, the visitor to also tell your Hadoop story, if you like, you can bring slides – there will be a beamer. Thanks for Isabel Drost who is organizing this event and for Newthinking Store for providing Space. VZnet Netzwerke is sponsoring the video recording of the talks.


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