VZnet at Confoo Conference

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VZnet is taking part at this year’s Confoo Conference in Montreal, Canada (March 9th – March 11th) with the following two talks:

Distributed Identities with OpenID

English session
The era of many separated logins and identities in the web is slowly coming to an end. Currently many of the big players are spurring this on with their own proprietary solutions, but open standards are starting to get more support as well with OpenID being the most promising one. In this session I will show how OpenID works for users and developers, where it currently fails and how OpenID is planned to evolve in the future.
Speaker: Bastian Hofmann

How to create social apps for millions of users

English session
Social apps have become very popular in the last years. In this session I will show you how to create an OpenSocial app which can be used by over 900 million users on many social networks around the world. After introducing you to the main concepts behind OpenSocial I will demonstrate live that it is easier than you think to develop a rich social app. Additionally to the basics like accessing the user’s social graph or integration with external APIs, I will also highlight features that will help you with a quick viral distribution, tight integration into the user’s social experience and access through mobile devices.
Speaker: Bastian Hofmann

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