Changes in our OpenSocial app release process

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On december 14th, we released several smaller changes in the release process for apps in our developer sandbox:

  • Revisions that have been requested for testing can be un-qued (“cancel testing”), so developers can edit the code again without being reviewed immediately or influencing the currently productive revision.
  • After a revision’s approval, developers gain the possibility to put revisions online by themselves. So switching between approved revisions works using “set online”. Revisions marked as buggy by the developer flip back to development mode, if they weren’t productive already.
  • If an administrator sets a gadget offline due to bugs or security issues, you can set the gadget online again by uploading a new revision and passing through the review process or contacting our developer support team.

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    Ich grüsse Dich, aber Du musst mir nicht mehr schreiben!!Streiche mich aus Deiner nervt!!!!!!

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