First OpenSocial Europe Event in Utrecht (NL)

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The OpenSocial Foundation just announced the first European OpenSocial summit which will be held from December 6th to December 7th in Utrecht (NL).

The event will focus on the use of the OpenSocial, its technologies and implementations, and will have a special concentration on the use of OpenSocial in Research and Education. This two day event is the first OpenSocial Summit held in Europe, and the first to include an industry specific spotlight.

Day one will feature prominent speakers from the OpenSocial community who will present and demonstrate the nuts and bolts of the specification, including what’s new in version 1.1, best practices for building social applications, and the emerging use of OpenSocial within the Enterprise. There will also be technical sessions on understanding Apache Shindig, the open source reference framework for OpenSocial. The first day will conclude with a broad outline of where the community is heading with future releases and a call to action to get involved.

The second day is dedicated to the use of OpenSocial in Research and Education. This will consist of both interactive workshops and presentations. Several industry experts from the Research and Educational sector will discuss their experiences using OpenSocial in their solutions. For example, SURFnet will present its project on implementing a new Collaboration Infrastructure and will demonstrate how OpenSocial plays an important role in this infrastructure by it enabling group centric collaboration in an open, platform independent way.

We’ve setup a wiki page where we will be posting the agenda. While we will do our best to accommodate all who wish to attend, please keep in mind that space is limited. Stay tuned to this blog, the OpenSocial Community list, and the wiki for RSVP information and further details.

VZnet will also participating and give a talk on advanced topics of OpenSocial app development, e.g. Data Pipelining, Proxied Content, Embedding of Gadgets or inter gadget communication.

Update: Registration is now open at

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