Announcement: Change in gadget view handling on February, 8th

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On February, 8th we will roll out an update of our gadget view handling logic which will enhance and simplify the current usage of views.

Summarized there are three big changes:

  • Separation of Canvas view in Groups and in Profiles which results in a new view GroupCanvas
  • Simplified Owner concept:
    • The views Integration, Group, GroupCanvas and Popup have no owner
    • If the current viewer has the gadget installed and looks at a gadget in one of these views one of the following views will be rendered instead: IntegrationInstallation, GroupInstallation, GroupCanvasInstallation, PopupInstallation.
      In these views the owner of the gadget is the current viewer.
    • If the …Installation view is not defined, the „normal“ view will be rendered as a fallback
  • The view logic in the sandbox including the requestNavigateTo now behaves exactly like the live platform

At we composed a detailed list of available views, their sizes, their position on the platform and their owner.

Existing gadgets should be compatible with these changes but our support team will check each currently online app for compatibility regardless. If your app needs any changes, you will be notified via mail.

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  1. Schreib-und Gruschelbeschränkungen bei meinvz sind echt nicht das Wahre…das könnte geändert werden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gruß aus Arendsee^^

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