Yesterday’s GeekNight

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Yesterday we had our 2nd GeekNight and it was at least as successfull as our first event of that manner. It was a premiere in two ways:

  • We broadcasted the sessions live through uStream
  • Our partner Wooga showed BrainBuddies, the first OpenSocial Gadget running on our platforms. It will become available when we launch OpenSocial

We had about 70 visitors at the Volksbar and over 30 people watched the live stream.
As requested you can download our presentations on the vCard and on BrainBuddies in German.

Watch out for upcoming dates so you can come and join us next time!

8 thoughts on “Yesterday’s GeekNight

  1. I read somewhere that more information about obtaining a developeraccount (needed for access to the sandbox) would be given at this geeknight. I can’t find anything about this anywhere though.

    Is there a way known yet to request access to the sandbox? Thanks.

  2. It was a great event, watched it via ustream, its cool and i hope you will repeat it ( using streams…), i really liked the presentation about BrainBuddies, I understood more then last time :D

    watch out the next weeks ( 1-3 ) the footer of the maingrid there will be a link added where you can request a dev-account

  3. Hab mir zwar die Videos und so schon angesehen, aber OpenSocial kann ich trotz Entwicklerzugang hier immer noch nicht wirklich nutzen bzw. was dafür/damit programmieren.
    Der einfache Grund: Euer System checkt leider nur die mitgesendeten Mime-Typen und die weichen anscheinend bei meinem Firefox für zip-Archive ab (mal abgesehen, dass diese Art von Überprüfung nicht wirklich sicher ist und ein Anwenden der ZipArchive-Klasse in PHP bereits einen Check mit dem in der Datei enthaltenen Mime-Type macht)
    Hoffe mal, dass das bald ausgebessert wird, da es immer doof ist, den doofen IE raus holen zu müssen

  4. Schon wieder einen Monat lang nichts passiert hier!! Laaaaangweilig!!!1 Macht das Blog doch zu.

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